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We are determined to provide cost effective loan for Singaporeans and expats in Singapore. As a licensed moneylender, we have the goal to bring value for customers above freing up gains for shareholders.We are today one of the leading personal financing company catering to the needy in Singapore.

Apart from staying true to its social mission of making unsecured loan cost effective, accessible and sustainable to any one, we have ensured addressing customer pains and hassle and developing greater fairness and transparency in the loan application as its number one priority.

Our personalized, relationship-based style has made us a part of the fabric of life here. And we will continuously provide generations of people, for decades to come, whenever urgent help is needed.

Our primary objective is to grant you money when you need it most. We are reliable, reasonably priced and very trust-able cash lending solutions provider.

Looking for personal payday loans in Singapore with swift approval time? Need an emergency loan? When one gets into cash flow challenges and the need for urgent cash comes into play, there can be times. It can be an eleventh-hour need to pay a bill or other individual emergencies.

We are aware of it may not be possible to take a personal loan from colleagues and families at times and many individuals would prefer the help of a licensed money lender to tide them over unforeseen situations. Within the framework of law in Singapore based on the Singapore MoneyLenders Act, most licensed money lenders can offer and pay out the loans on the same day (in fact it is possible to get loans within a few hours if all the paperwork and requirements by law are filed properly).