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we strive to achieve each and every one of our customers’ wants and needs. We are a licensed moneylender that provides legal loans with the greatest rates to any individual that is approved by the IPTO (Registry of Moneylenders). Our team of friendly and competent staffs is obliged and committed to assisting our customers with their financial needs.

We are devoted to delivering honest and fair loan bundles as swift as you need. Our aim is to give hassle free loans at the most affordable rate and repayment plan to suit your particular needs.

Along with our devotedness to offering all of our clients with efficient means to obtain a loan, you can turn to us to provide you the speediest application and most affordable rates and repayment plans.Our company targets to provide an exceptional level of customer care at all times. With that in mind, you can depend on us to attend to any of your queries or concerns promptly. It is our excellent review from customers that add to our honor as being Singapore’s most relied on moneylenders.

Recognized by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. We specialize in providing personal, payday, bridging, foreigner, business loans to Singaporeans & Foreigners working in Singapore. Our objective is to help make taking a personal loan a simpler, more transparent process, and to educate our clients about their personal loan options in case of an urgent need.

Need an unexpected emergency loan? There can be moments when one gets into cash flow problems and the need for urgent cash comes into play.

We are aware of it may not be suitable to take a personal loan from colleagues and relatives at times and a lot of people would prefer the support of a licensed money lender to tide them over unexpected situations. Within the framework of law in Singapore based on the Singapore MoneyLenders Act, most licensed money lenders can offer and disburse the loans on the same day (in fact it is possible to get loans within a few hours if all the paperwork and requirements by law are filed properly).

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