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Times are challenging in Singapore and consumers and business owners are finding it harder to get access to credit. A quarterly report by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) says this circumstance is going to continue through to the New Year. The condition has been made worse by global economic concerns and changes that have hit the country’s export-dependent market.

Our company is dedicated to delivering honest and reasonable loan package deals as fast as you need. Our aim is to give hassle free loans at one of the most affordable rates and payment plan to suit your specific needs.

Our employees are trained to help our clients in any way possible. We strive to find a common interest and will assist them to pick a loan plan that is most matched for their current circumstance. We will advise them with packages or offers that will accommodate to their needs

Accredited by the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. We specialize in providing personal, payday, bridging, foreigner, business loans to Singaporeans & Foreigners working in Singapore. Our purpose is to help make taking a loan a simpler, more understandable process, and to educate our clients about their loan choices in case of an emergency situation.

Shopping for personal payday loans in Singapore with quick approval time? Need an emergency loan? There are instances when one gets into money issues and the need for immediate cash comes into play. It may be an eleventh-hour need to pay a monthly bill or other personal unexpected emergencies.

We are aware of it may not be viable to take a personal loan from colleagues and family members at times and many people would prefer the support of a licensed money lender to tide them over unforeseen situations. Within the framework of law in Singapore based on the Singapore MoneyLenders Act, most licensed money lenders can offer and disburse the loans on the same day (in fact it is possible to receive loans within a few hours if all the paperwork and requirements by law are filed properly).